10TH APRIL 1917 AGE 26


Sydney Morning Herald
Saturday 14 April 1917
"A private cable message was yesterday received by Mr Frank A Davenport, stating that his youngest son, Lieut. Guy Kennedy Davenport, of the Australian Field Artillery, was killed in action in France on the 10th inst. The deceased officer, who was a member of the firm of Frank A Davenport and Son, was educated at King's College, Goulburn, and was 26 years of age. He was recently awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous bravery. Lieut. Davenport has left a widow - the daughter of Mr WR Cowper, manager of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney at West Maitland."

"7 April 1920
Dear Madam,
I am returning herewith circular (form "A") in respect re your husband, the late Lieutenant GK Davenport, MC, 4th Field Artillery Brigade, in order that the personal inscription you desire may be inserted thereon. It is noted that you have stated "same message". Evidently you sent another form at the same time, but as each one is separately dealt with it is necessary that the inscription be shown on each form.
Yours faithfully
Officer i/c Base Records"

April 16th
Dear Sir,
In reply to your letter of April 7th I have never sent or filled in any form to you except the one enclosed - the words I wish put on my husband's headstone are "Same message" - simply and only [underlined] those two words - I understand we can have what we wish as long as we pay the cost of the engraving. I do not want any mistake about this, all I wish are those two words [last three words all underlined]. Would you please let me know if it is clearly understood ...
Your truly
Mabel Davenport"

"14 May 1920
Dear Madam,
I have to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 16th April, which has been forwarded to this office by the Secretary, Department of Defence, and note you desire simply the two words "Same message" to appear as the personal inscription on the permanent memorial over the grave of your husband, the late Lieutenant GK Davenport MC ..."
Yours faithfully
Officer i/c Base Records"

I wonder what the same message was - 'I will always love you' perhaps?